Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fu Kyo on the Hard

Fu Kyo sits patiently on her custom made 20+ wheeler.

Goto Retto

In spring 2011, Fu Kyo made waves in the Goto Retto.
See here  what was published about that trip.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trips made sofar with Fu Kyo

RED: To Goto Retto, spring 2011
BLUE: Into the Japan Sea, Summer 2011
GREENISH: Into the Inland Sea, Autumn 2011

See here some pictures about the Gotto Retto Trip.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Into the Inland Sea part 2

As there are so many bridges (being) built, there are also plenty of unused ferry pontoons;-)

Someone is "sailing" out there....usually there is very little wind.

This factory covers the whole island, wonder what is being produced.

                                        Smoko-time: Mr Mitsuda and Mr Konomi 

                            Amazing, all these ocean going ships being built so far Into the Inland Sea

NW corner of Kitagi Island

...........from where we can see ferry FUJI

Again, an unused pontoon.

Small Big Business on Kitagi Island.
Canadian Colin and his his wife Mika are running Sailloft Yuuko Marine.
Also The Place to order whatever you need for your sailboat

he sees me , he sees me not...

Kitagi Island is Big with Stones.

Kitagi Island bypass road!
A great course for my morning run.

Not the local bank robber, but this man protects himself against a possible bee sting that could be fatal indeed.

On the way to their veggy-gardens.

The local elementary school has a total of 6 kids.

Again, they luff stones on this island

An old hobby: Taking pictures of FLOATS

Heyyyyy, a TASWELL 43 in Ushimado machi Marina