Friday, May 17, 2013

Fu Kyo on Air.

The program in which Fu Kyo will be part of,
will be On Air in Tokyo area
on Friday June 7 at 1800.
Then a few weeks later it will be broadcast in Fukuoka.
Watch this blog for an update.

Price List

For the price list, see the menu bar at the top.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fu Kyo will be on TV !!

Last weekend we had a visit from a TV team from Tokyo.
The program will be on air early June. 
Watch this Blog for Time and Date of the broadcast.

After a Fun Sail @ great weather conditions and a super crew,
it was time to relax and take some snap-shots.
There are some more pictures at

Fu Kyo's location in the Meinohama Fishing Port.
(see the Ferris Wheel and Church in the background?)

Fu Kyo's cockpit.
Ready for Party Time!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

the Road to Fu Kyo at the Meinohama Fishing Port.

Driving on Marina Dori,

If you come from the East,
turn RIGHT at
Nishi Fukuoka Marina Ohashi Higashi.

If you come from the west,
Turn LEFT at 
Nishi Fukuoka Marina Ohashi Higashi.

This is the road you'll turn into.

Continue that road until you'll reach this point,
then make a LEFT turn and soon a 
RIGHT turn.

Continue until you see FU KYO.
You can park your car right in front.
As this parking area belongs to the Meinohama Fishing Coop,
we ask for a 500 yen parking fee.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Andddd...Fu Kyo is Sailing!!

Sunday April 21 was the First Sail of the Season 
for Fu Kyo tha Cat.

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing is on the Go.

See here some pictures showing happy faces...

Just a nice peak-view of Fukuoka Sky-line, showing 
Fukuoka Tower and Dome in the distance.

Do i have to say more...??

Once more: Fukuoka Tower, the Dome, SeaHawk and Atagohama.
Out on the Bay: all so close but still so far away.

Fu Kyo has a beam of 7 meters,
that is a safe sailing platform.
But, we all wear a life jacket and 
parents will have to look after their kids.

For Golden Week,  April 28 till May 5
Fu Kyo is in Promotion Mode.
Give me a call 090-75877677
or send an email if you like to go for a sail.
The only thing we ask: 
Promote Fukuoka Sunset Sailing!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Splash !!

After months of planning, dreaming and more planning,
Fu Kyo finally got all the papers ready to go
Fukuoka Sunset Sailing.
The only thing that still needed to be done:

                                  Mitsuko san agrees: Fu Kyo is ready to go.

And here we go.
Takeshi is maneuvering the 15+ ton, 24 wheel trailer with great care.

...a few more meters to go...
(i don't like this at all).

....and.....we are floating.
Kuroki san is full smiles as finally 
Fukuoka Sunset Sailing
is On the Move.

 And more happy faces as we are moving away from Uminonakamichi, across Hakata Bay, 

Fu Kyo's possy in the Meinohama Fishing Port.
Of course you can follow Fu Kyo's adventure on Fukuoka Sunset Sailing


....we hope to see you on board one day!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's warming up, see here some event days for 2013.

 Golden Week 2013.

A few holidays in a row, great timing to enjoy a sail!
Book Now!

April 22
April 23
April 24
April 25
April 26
April 27
April 28
April 29
April 30
May 1
May 2
May 3
May 4
May 5
May 6
May 7
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11
May 12

Hanabi festivals you can enjoy from the deck of Fu Kyo

Ohori koen hanabi,   August 1st (Thursday).

Imajuku hanabi,        August (first or second Thursday).

Meinohama hanabi,  August 15 (Thursday).

Higashiku hanabi,    Sept 1 2013 (Saturday).

Book Now! as it's very popular.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Looking for Staff

From April 2013 we start with charter sailing.

At the moment we are looking for a female crew
 to help with the Sunset Sailing trips.

Salary is negotiable.
(each trip will be around 3 hours "work")

Please send a short email in English to
Tell a little about yourself, your sailing skills and
don’t forget your telephone number.

For more info in Japanese, find us also on Facebook:
Fukuoka Sunset Sailing 1.

(of course we speak Japanese on board!)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome on Board

Welcome on Board of Fu Kyo

FU KYO is a sailing catamaran 
 That means she has 2 hulls and the result is a more comfortable ride. When using the sails, Fu Kyo will hardly heal-over, like a regular sailboat does. As there is usually very little wave action in Hakata Bay it’s not likely you’ll  getseasick.                                                                                        
 But: if you are susceptible to motion-sickness, please take some seasick medication, ready available over the counter at the pharmacy.  Staying outside and/or on deck also helps to prevent.  On cool days make sure to wear enough & warm clothing. Don’t go inside and below decks if not needed.

What to wear?  
 Of course we all wear a life-jacket as soon as we leave port and as we move around on deck.  There are life-jackets for kids and adults.                                                       Please wear soft sole shoes, non-skid-non-slip type. High heels shoes are a No-No! Fu Kyo has some deck shoes for you in case of. As said, wear enough and warm clothes, it’s always a few degrees cooler on the water.    Fu Kyo has an All Covered cockpit, so you don’t have to get wet, but it’s better to bring a rain jacket anyway (umbrellas don’t work on a sailboat).

Drinks and food.
Fu Kyo will serve mineral water, tea, juice and 1 (2?) complimentary drinks like beer, wine or soft drink. Additional drinks can be purchased. We do serve some light snacks.

 It’s best to book in advance. In the event we have to cancel the cruise due to weather conditions, we will re-schedule your cruise.

 It’s up to you if you like to help and sail Fu Kyo. How about taking the wheel and steer the boat?  But of course you can just sit back and relax.

 Fu Kyo has 2 clean bathrooms on board.

No-Smoking inside cabin and cockpit.

 Fu Kyo has a basic insurance for all passengers.

Don’t forget:
Your camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.
And to arrive On Time as the Sun doesn’t wait.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Video Lagoon 421

Fu Kyo is a Lagoon 421, built in france in 2010.

On the website of the factory is all sort of info,
and also this video.

Click on the link:  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What time does the Sun Set?

Hmm, that depends on the time of the year.

For info, click HERE:

This picture was taken @ sunset form the car-park at 
the Noko Ferry Terminal.

but from the deck of Fu Kyo, it would be

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lagoon 421 pictures

Fu Kyo is a sailing catamaran, known as  Lagoon 421,
see here some pictures.

All pictures by the Lagoon Company, France

Where to Go?

Hakata Bay Sail.

This map shows a course for a Sunset Sail.
We’ll leave 1 hour before the sunset and will reach the outside of Hakata Bay where we can see this magic moment of the day.
On the way back, time for snap-shots
with Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Tower and Marinoa in the back ground.  

Beside the Sunset and Day-Sail trips,
Fu Kyo can also make longer trips to the off-shore islands.

 How about: 
Iki Shima, (30 miles, it takes 4 to 5 hours, one way)
The islands near Karatsu & Yobuko (30 miles),
and Ohshima (30 miles).

Tsushima (60 miles, which will take 10 hours, with a possible pit-stop for the night @ Iki Island).

These trips are of course possible depending on the weather and sea conditions and are most fun when done with an overnight stay 
on board of Fu Kyo.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing

Let’s go out on the Bay

Fu Kyo is an All Cabin Air-conditioned sailing catamaran. There are 3x twin cabins, each with a shower and a toilet.

Of course with its 13 meters length and 7 meter beam is has a great outdoor area, including a comfortable cockpit which has a wrap-around rain/sun shelter.
Fu Kyo is licensed to take 10 passengers + crew(2). 

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing offers the following cruises :

**  Sunset Cruise,
**  Dinner Cruise,
**  All Day Cruise,
**  Fire-works Show Cruise (book well in advance!),
**  Early Morning Sunrise Cruise, great Way to start your Day,
**  Overnight Cruise, Fu Kyo sleeps 6 guests in comfort, (let’s go to Iki-shima, Tsushima,….)
**  Catamaran sail-training,
**  Business Meeting Cruise, around the bay or just stay in port,
**  How about Just Your Party Cruise!!

For more info, please send an email to:

About the crew:
Jaap, a flying dutchman, has done over 80.000 ocean miles on his own sail-boat. That is equal to twice around the world.
Since 1989 Jaap has Fukuoka as home port.