Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing

Let’s go out on the Bay

Fu Kyo is an All Cabin Air-conditioned sailing catamaran. There are 3x twin cabins, each with a shower and a toilet.

Of course with its 13 meters length and 7 meter beam is has a great outdoor area, including a comfortable cockpit which has a wrap-around rain/sun shelter.
Fu Kyo is licensed to take 10 passengers + crew(2). 

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing offers the following cruises :

**  Sunset Cruise,
**  Dinner Cruise,
**  All Day Cruise,
**  Fire-works Show Cruise (book well in advance!),
**  Early Morning Sunrise Cruise, great Way to start your Day,
**  Overnight Cruise, Fu Kyo sleeps 6 guests in comfort, (let’s go to Iki-shima, Tsushima,….)
**  Catamaran sail-training,
**  Business Meeting Cruise, around the bay or just stay in port,
**  How about Just Your Party Cruise!!

For more info, please send an email to:

About the crew:
Jaap, a flying dutchman, has done over 80.000 ocean miles on his own sail-boat. That is equal to twice around the world.
Since 1989 Jaap has Fukuoka as home port.

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