Friday, May 17, 2013

Fu Kyo on Air.

The program in which Fu Kyo will be part of,
will be On Air in Tokyo area
on Friday June 7 at 1800.
Then a few weeks later it will be broadcast in Fukuoka.
Watch this blog for an update.

Price List

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fu Kyo will be on TV !!

Last weekend we had a visit from a TV team from Tokyo.
The program will be on air early June. 
Watch this Blog for Time and Date of the broadcast.

After a Fun Sail @ great weather conditions and a super crew,
it was time to relax and take some snap-shots.
There are some more pictures at

Fu Kyo's location in the Meinohama Fishing Port.
(see the Ferris Wheel and Church in the background?)

Fu Kyo's cockpit.
Ready for Party Time!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

the Road to Fu Kyo at the Meinohama Fishing Port.

Driving on Marina Dori,

If you come from the East,
turn RIGHT at
Nishi Fukuoka Marina Ohashi Higashi.

If you come from the west,
Turn LEFT at 
Nishi Fukuoka Marina Ohashi Higashi.

This is the road you'll turn into.

Continue that road until you'll reach this point,
then make a LEFT turn and soon a 
RIGHT turn.

Continue until you see FU KYO.
You can park your car right in front.
As this parking area belongs to the Meinohama Fishing Coop,
we ask for a 500 yen parking fee.