Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lagoon 421 pictures

Fu Kyo is a sailing catamaran, known as  Lagoon 421,
see here some pictures.

All pictures by the Lagoon Company, France

Where to Go?

Hakata Bay Sail.

This map shows a course for a Sunset Sail.
We’ll leave 1 hour before the sunset and will reach the outside of Hakata Bay where we can see this magic moment of the day.
On the way back, time for snap-shots
with Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Tower and Marinoa in the back ground.  

Beside the Sunset and Day-Sail trips,
Fu Kyo can also make longer trips to the off-shore islands.

 How about: 
Iki Shima, (30 miles, it takes 4 to 5 hours, one way)
The islands near Karatsu & Yobuko (30 miles),
and Ohshima (30 miles).

Tsushima (60 miles, which will take 10 hours, with a possible pit-stop for the night @ Iki Island).

These trips are of course possible depending on the weather and sea conditions and are most fun when done with an overnight stay 
on board of Fu Kyo.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing

Let’s go out on the Bay

Fu Kyo is an All Cabin Air-conditioned sailing catamaran. There are 3x twin cabins, each with a shower and a toilet.

Of course with its 13 meters length and 7 meter beam is has a great outdoor area, including a comfortable cockpit which has a wrap-around rain/sun shelter.
Fu Kyo is licensed to take 10 passengers + crew(2). 

Fukuoka Sunset Sailing offers the following cruises :

**  Sunset Cruise,
**  Dinner Cruise,
**  All Day Cruise,
**  Fire-works Show Cruise (book well in advance!),
**  Early Morning Sunrise Cruise, great Way to start your Day,
**  Overnight Cruise, Fu Kyo sleeps 6 guests in comfort, (let’s go to Iki-shima, Tsushima,….)
**  Catamaran sail-training,
**  Business Meeting Cruise, around the bay or just stay in port,
**  How about Just Your Party Cruise!!

For more info, please send an email to:

About the crew:
Jaap, a flying dutchman, has done over 80.000 ocean miles on his own sail-boat. That is equal to twice around the world.
Since 1989 Jaap has Fukuoka as home port.