Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome on Board

Welcome on Board of Fu Kyo

FU KYO is a sailing catamaran 
 That means she has 2 hulls and the result is a more comfortable ride. When using the sails, Fu Kyo will hardly heal-over, like a regular sailboat does. As there is usually very little wave action in Hakata Bay it’s not likely you’ll  getseasick.                                                                                        
 But: if you are susceptible to motion-sickness, please take some seasick medication, ready available over the counter at the pharmacy.  Staying outside and/or on deck also helps to prevent.  On cool days make sure to wear enough & warm clothing. Don’t go inside and below decks if not needed.

What to wear?  
 Of course we all wear a life-jacket as soon as we leave port and as we move around on deck.  There are life-jackets for kids and adults.                                                       Please wear soft sole shoes, non-skid-non-slip type. High heels shoes are a No-No! Fu Kyo has some deck shoes for you in case of. As said, wear enough and warm clothes, it’s always a few degrees cooler on the water.    Fu Kyo has an All Covered cockpit, so you don’t have to get wet, but it’s better to bring a rain jacket anyway (umbrellas don’t work on a sailboat).

Drinks and food.
Fu Kyo will serve mineral water, tea, juice and 1 (2?) complimentary drinks like beer, wine or soft drink. Additional drinks can be purchased. We do serve some light snacks.

 It’s best to book in advance. In the event we have to cancel the cruise due to weather conditions, we will re-schedule your cruise.

 It’s up to you if you like to help and sail Fu Kyo. How about taking the wheel and steer the boat?  But of course you can just sit back and relax.

 Fu Kyo has 2 clean bathrooms on board.

No-Smoking inside cabin and cockpit.

 Fu Kyo has a basic insurance for all passengers.

Don’t forget:
Your camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.
And to arrive On Time as the Sun doesn’t wait.

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