Monday, February 2, 2015

Fu Kyo went for a her yearly haul-out.

Fu Kyo went for her yearly haul-out.
Hmm, January/February...not the best of times for
sunny and warm cleaning and painting days...
But it's also the quiet period regarding bookings.

Here comes the trailer...
It's so huge...

Not too bad, the last time was more than 1 year ago. 
Just a few barnacles.
Also happy to see that the propellers are pretty clean.

 The Cleaning Party can Start...
Where is everybody...?

High and Dry on this grey Day.

She is so big...
It takes a lot of time to go around cleaning her...

Below the waterline the cleaning is done;
Ready to paint.

Propellers with a new coat of Prop Paint,
 and a new zinc block to the drive.

....looking good neh...

The paint fumes while painting kept me "smiling" for a few hours.
1 can of undercoat and 
4 cans of anti-fouling paint.
( remember Yap, next time you like to use 5  cans).

Fu Kyo looks sooo happy 
with her clean belly and hulls...
And of course being back at Meinohama Port 
is all that counts.

Ready and Happy to Sail You.

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