Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Bird-watching Trips with Fu Kyo to Eboshi Jima

 Eboshi Jima, 
half way between Hakata Bay and Iki Shima, 
is known to the birders as a unreachable bird-haven island. 
You can't go there unless you have a boat.
 AND it must be flat calm to see the tinny little sea-birds that use this island as a base.
For the real bird-talk, please check out Marijke's blog:

So, off we went one Saturday morning with a group of keen bird-watching camera men & women.

AND a reporter for BS Asahi TV.
Yes Fu Kyo will be On Air:
21 April 2015 between 19:00 --- 21:00.
All Japan.

First thing to see that morning (06:15)...

Pretty Sunrise. 

 Eboshi Jima, 
half way between Hakata Bay and Iki Shima.

3 Days later, a second group of birders came on board.
Fu Kyo sailed the same course and again we spotted those tinny little amazing birds..
(see marijke's blog)
and more..

...need bird-watching service..?
We land the birds on our deck for you!

How about this hitch-hiking night heron?

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